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The Strange Library

Fri, July 22, 2016
8:00 PM – 10:00 PM EDT

The Strange Library

The Curiosity Cabinet is proud to present composer Whitney George’s work The Strange Library, for narrator and quartet, inspired by the illustrated novella by Haruki Murakami of the same title at MISE-EN PLACE this July.

Designed and illustrated by Murakami’s frequent collaborator Chip Kidd, the novella is packaged like a graphic novel. The collage technique of Kidd’s work gives the images a moody, mysterious, and all-together surreal quality, depicting the darkest dreams of a child, our protagonist.

The plot of the novella is as eerie as the images accompanying the text: a young boy enters a strange library, described as “even more hushed than usual”, and he is sent to Room 107. An odd librarian leads him though an illogical maze beneath the library. It is in Room 107 that we discover the librarian’s devious plot. The boy encounters a small man dressed as a sheep and a young girl who delivers food, their worlds strangely entangled due to our protagonist’s unfortunate situation. The boy’s predicament as the prisoner of the librarian grows stranger and stranger by the page.

Admission: $10 at the door

The Curiosity Cabinet: Alice Jones, Aleksandr Karjaka, Hugh Ash, Pedro Vizzarro Vallejos, Joe Tucker, Whitney George

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