MISE-EN_PLACE Bushwick | SOLOIST | Mark Broschinsky
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SOLOIST | Mark Broschinsky

ENSEMBLE MISE-EN is pleased to announce the kick-off concert in an exciting 2017-18 season. Trombonist Mark Broschinsky will perform a solo concert on September 4, 2017 at MISE-EN_PLACE Bushwick. Rapid City Journal calls him a “true virtuoso on the instrument,” and the New York Times recognizes his “expertly played” performance with the Guidonian Hand.

*Free Admission

Frederic Rzewski: Last Judgment (1969)
Dai Fujikura: K’s Ocean (2005-2009)
Christopher Jette: A new work (2017, world premiere)
Robert Carl: Updraft (2009)

Dr. Broschinsky brings an ambitious and diverse program featuring works by 20th/21st century composers. The earliest work is the seminal Last Judgment (1969) by Frederic Rzewski, which subtly weaves dissonance and triumph in a piece that is lighter-hearted than the name suggests. The other works were all written within the past decade, and provide a prismatic view into contemporary composition. K’s Ocean (2005/09) by Dai Fujikura is expansive and evocative — the piece is inspired by the novel Solaris by Stanislaw Lem. In this novel, the planet Solaris is almost entirely covered by a sentient ocean that confronts those who attempt to explore it with challenging memories and revelations. In this piece, the novel’s protagonist is represented by the trombone, while the surrounding electronics bring Solaris’ ocean again to life. The sweeping Updraft (2009) by Robert Carl had its New York premiere at MISE-EN_PLACE in 2009, and features live electronics as it strikes a delicate balance between meditation and experimentation. Broschinsky will also debut a brand new (and as yet untitled) commissioned piece by Christopher Jette, whose compositions reflect an interest in the intersection of art and technology, as well as the perspective of the performer(s) they are written for. Broschinsky’s program invites the audience to reflect on the celeste, the ocean, personal experience, and alternative perspectives, all through the timbre of the trombone.

About The Performer
Mark Broschinsky is an established NYC based trombonist and core member of ENSEMBLE MISE-EN. He is the founder of the Guidonian Hand Trombone Quartet as well as the new music ensemble, Grocery Store Sushi, and is also a member of the Shrine Big Band, an experimental ensemble based at the Shrine in Harlem. He has performed at important New York City Venues including Le Poisson Rouge, Zankell Hall, Merkin Concert Hall, the Galapagos Art Space, the Tank, and John Zorn’s, the Stone. Mark has a very diverse repertoire and can be heard playing genres that range from contemporary new music to indie rock bands, and is featured on recordings of “Lillian,” a folk opera by Ben Lear as well as Snowmine’s album Laminate Pet Animal. Broschinsky received a Doctor of Musical Arts from Manhattan School of Music, where he has been a member of the faculty since 2015. For more please visit http://www.slidetrombone.net/

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